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Tent accessories are a feature that can be added to your tent rental. JR's Tent Rentals offer an array of tent accessories, including (and not limited to) tent sidewalls, pipe & drape rentals, pole curtains, tent fans, tent heaters, and more!


Tent Sidewalls: 

Tent sidewalls can be used to close-in the tent completely for weather (wind, rain, cold, etc.). In the event of rain (in the summer) sidewalls are available to keep guest dry, however JR's does not suggest to close the tent in as the sidewalls really make it warm in the tent. If you are concerned about the weather possibly affecting your event, we do supply tent A/C and heater to keep guest comfortable. 


Tent Sidewalls come in solid, cafe, clear, or mesh



Pipe and Drape:

Pipe and drape can help complete your tent rental by giving the perfect backdrop. The beautiful backdrops can be used behind the Bride & Groom's table, or honorary guest. Pipe and drape can also be used as a drop at the altar, candy buffets, or behind our beautiful lounge furniture. For more information on Pipe and Drape Rentals, please click here



Pole Curtains: 

Pole Curtains can be rented from JR's Tent Rentals to help decorate the tent poles. Our pole curtains come in diamond white and bring an elegant look to your tent.  



Tent Fans, A/C, and Heaters: 

Tent fans can be rented and installed in each corner of the tent to help circulate air. While, not as cool as an A/C, tent fans can help keep guest comfortable in the event of a very hot day.  


Tent Heaters are a perfect way to warm guest up during an outdoor event in the colder New York months. 







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